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Problem Behavior Solutions

After many years specializing in problem behavior cases, Brett has come to realize that behavior problems are primarily symptoms of a deeper-rooted, underlying cause. Once Brett helps you address this, the dog rehabilitation process can begin.

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Puppy Training

Working with a young dog allows us to establish a proper foundation for the rest of their lives! Whether you have a new pup or an unruly teenager, Brett can help you establish balance and great habits that will last a lifetime.

Basic/Advanced Obedience

You will learn everything it takes to teach your dog the necessary skills and mindset to be well mannered in any real life situation. Whether you are working towards reliable off-lead or another dog training goal, Brett’s advanced dog obedience programs in the Denver area will teach you how to bring out your dog’s full potential.

In-Home/Board & Train

Brett will come to your home for an intensive 1-1.5 hr workshop, in which he will conduct a full evaluation and training session. If you choose to move forward with the program, Brett will develop a personalized Board & Train program for your dog or puppy at his 3+ acre “Dog Ranch” in Conifer, CO.

Online Dog Training

Don’t live in the Denver area and need help with your dog? No problem! Have Brett in your home with his virtual private training classes and online programs.

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About Brett

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25+ Years Experience

Brett Endes is a professional dog trainer and canine behavior consultant in the Denver area with 25+ years of experience. Brett can help you solve problems such as dog aggression, separation anxiety, leash pulling, phobias, and puppy issues, even if you have a difficult rescue dog or have seen other trainers, behaviorists, or veterinarians who have labeled your dog untrainable. Brett takes a thorough and holistic approach using balanced dog training methods to help achieve permanent remediation to your dog’s problems plus real world results when it comes to obedience training.

Brett, who also hosts the Facebook watch show “The Untrainables” and “The Dog Savant Podcast,” earned his comparative psychology degree from the State University of New York and is a graduate of The Academy of K-9 Education. He has worked with over 15,000 dogs and their owners professionally throughout Colorado, Los Angeles, and worldwide. He has also been featured in a wide range of media, including regular appearances on the National Geographic and Hallmark Channels, for his unique and effective approach to dog training.

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