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Board and Training Programs

board and training

Board & Train

Brett offers 2 & 4 week board and train programs for dogs and puppies on his 3+ acre “Dog Ranch” in Conifer, Colorado. Unlike many other training programs where dogs end up being kenneled most of the day in a warehouse, Brett’s board & train programs are different. Here we allow your dog to be immersed in an optimum training environment and natural mountain setting where dogs can be dogs to learn and rehabilitate. Every dog in our care gets a personalized, balanced dog training program as well as inclusion in extracurricular activities such as hiking, swimming, and field trips to encourage socialization, exercise, and promotion of a dog’s natural instincts.

How to begin:

We start with an initial evaluation and training workshop at your home or our location. This is so we may assess and discuss your dog’s training needs/goals; plus we will begin training Day One when we meet! This 1 1/2 hr meeting is no obligations, and the cost of $195 applies towards any future training program. At that point, you may choose to sign your dog up for a long term program and schedule for their training dates.


While in our board and train programs, your dog will be trained in all types of practical real life situations, inside and outside and in many different environments. There will be regularly scheduled training sessions throughout the day performed at intervals. This is so we may build your dog’s obedience, teach a new skill, or address behavior problems they may be struggling with. Training visits are scheduled for you and your family to come in and learn to work under our supervision and see the progress your dog has been making.  These guided training sessions give you an opportunity to learn more about your dog’s training to teach you how to ensure a smooth transfer to your environment once they return home. All board and train programs also include a follow-up in-home lesson plus lifetime unlimited telephone and email support.

Training Programs Offered:

  • Puppy training (2 or 4 week available)
  • Obedience training (2 or 4 week available)
  • Problem Behavior Solutions (4 weeks min required)