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2020 Goals: Finding All-in-One Dog training and Boarding Services Under One Roof

There are numerous options for boarding, daycare, and training in the Denver metro
area. The options range from strip mall dog daycare centers to exclusive doggie resorts!
But how do you know where to trust leaving your best friend while ensuring they are
safe and at the same time can enjoy themselves or get the necessary training &
socializing they need? The answer is  A good environment and lots of experience.

When choosing a dog kennel, daycare, or trainer, it is so important to ensure they are
experienced in dog handling, care, and behavior. An experienced dog handler will know
how to match dogs by personality, and they will have been trained in how to lead and
train dogs of all sizes, breeds, and temperaments. They also understand body
language, and when in a multi-dog setting, can manage the “pack” and pick up on cues
while maintaining balance amongst dogs without any issues arising.

Dog Training

For an environment, dogs need space to run and work on training skills. A good dog
boarding or training facility must be climate controlled, has both indoor and outdoor
areas for dogs to play and socialize, and 24/7 staffing so your dog is safe and cared for

At The Dog Savant, we offer personalized dog boarding and dog training in a mountain
setting on our 3-acre ranch located in Conifer, Colorado, where dogs can be dogs. With
a wild-like but safe and supervised environment, dogs boarding at The Dog Savant can
sniff and play to their heart’s content. For our board-and-train programs, we offer puppy
training, basic and advanced obedience, and problem behavior solutions.

About Us
Brett Endes is a professional dog trainer and canine behavior consultant in the
Denver metro area of Colorado with 25+ years of experience. He is the host of the
popular dog training show “The Untrainables” and has been featured on The
Hallmark Channel, National Geographic Wild, and other media for his experience
and understanding of dog behavior and training.  Brett graduated from The
Academy of K-9 Education and has a degree from the State University of New
York in Comparative Psychology.  He can help you solve problems such as dog
aggression, separation anxiety, leash pulling, phobias, and puppy issues, even if
you have a difficult rescue dog or have seen other trainers, behaviorists, or
veterinarians who have labeled your dog untrainable. Contact Brett now!

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