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Online Dog Training

Don’t live in the Denver area and need help with your dog? No problem! Have Brett in your home with his virtual private training classes and online programs. Brett has helped thousands of dog owners utilize his unique and effective dog training techniques throughout the United States and worldwide. He will develop a custom dog training program to help you train your dog and resolve the most common behavior problems.

Getting Started

By using Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, etc., virtual sessions with Brett will include both conversations and actual observation of your dog through webcam as he demonstrates techniques on his own dogs for you to follow. In your virtual training sessions, Brett will both analyze your dog and walk you through training techniques in real time to teach you how to provide a consistent routine to help you resolve behavioral problems or meet training goals. He will also demonstrate through use of video resources and with his own dogs while video conferencing.

Please send Brett a few video clips demonstrating the problem behaviors or areas of training you would like to work on. This can include footage of your home environment and the areas your dog most frequents (food/water dishes, sleeping/play areas, etc.) plus any behaviors or areas of training you would like to work on in our sessions.

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